What Is Google Adwords??

Google Adwords

Google Adwords Before 24th July 2018, Google Ads was known as Google AdWords. It was first released nineteen years ago, on 23rd October, 2000. Google developed this platform to offer businesses a way of online advertising and traffic generation for their websites. The companies who want to promote their services need to pay Google for displaying advertisements for them.

The digital marketing model used by Google Ads is Pay-Per-Click (PPC). There is no CPA pricing model, but you can avail a predefined Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) using a bidding strategy. In CPA, instead of paying for every click on the ad, you pay for each lead that is converted. 

When AdWords was first released, the advertisers had to give monthly payments. Then, the creation and management of the campaign was done by Google. Later, Google realized that the introduction of a self-service portal would be good for small businesses or the ones that wished to create and manage their own campaigns. This led to an upgrade in AdWords.

Features of Google Adwords

  • Keyword Planner

It is a free tool that keeps track of the search queries on Google. It also offers data from other sources to help plan a Google Ads specific campaign. Keyword planner gives many other data and statistics for a successful campaign. These include average monthly searches, historical statistics, keyword trends, and so on.

  • AdWords Express

This feature was earlier called Google Boost. It is extremely beneficial for small businesses because it reduces the cumbersome process of managing ad campaigns. AdWords Express automatically manages keywords and decides where to place ads. Additionally, if a small business doesn’t have a website, this feature allows them to guide the customers to their Google Place page.

  • Google Ads Editor

With this feature, companies can make as many changes offline as they want. It comes free of cost with AdWords and can be downloaded. Companies can also check their campaign’s performance with this program.

  • Reach Planner

With Reach planner, companies get to know to what extent their campaigns would go and how much audience it will reach via YouTube and other video partners. They can also choose the audience based on who needs the service or product that is being advertised. A combination of video ads is recommended by this feature based on the company’s objectives.

  • Ad Extensions

Ad extension is another important feature of Google Ads. Using this feature, advertisers can show extra information, such as business address, contact number, website links, etc. It improves the visibility of the campaigns, and lures more customers to the site. 

Google Ads contains many such features which can work wonders for your business. Overall, here are the benefits of campaigning with Google Ads:

1.Faster than SEO

This is the main advantage of Google Ads. Your ad will appear on top of other websites automatically. This is a faster way to lead traffic towards your website. However, you should not ignore organic optimization completely, because that is what will help you staying popular.

2.More brand awareness

When your ad appears in relevant searches, people start recognizing your brand. According to studies, these ads increase awareness by 6.6% on an average. Your rank will be higher when people search according to the company’s name. That is why it is important to spread awareness about your brand.

3.Re connection with website visitors

When people visit your website, Google Ads reconnects with them. Occasional ads are sent to these visitors so that they know about offers on special occasions.

4.Performance measurement

Unlike advertisements in newspapers, radio, television, etc. you can easily measure the performance of advertisements on Google Adwords. It tells you about who clicked on the ad; number of leads generated; the best keyword; your cost per lead, and so on. With such information, you have a good insight about the ads and you can strategize accordingly for the future.

5.More reach via Gmail Inbox

Whoever uses Google Ads gets integrated Gmail ads also. This increases your reach to a large extent. Gmail ads normally come on the promotion tab, and sometimes on the social tab. Moreover, they appear on both desktop as well as mobile devices. 

Subscribe Google Ads and reach more number of people without spending too much on traditional advertising sources. 

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