US President Donald Trump threatens to block WHO funds, “They seem very China-centric”

Donald Trump on Tuesday threatened to hold US funding to the World Health Organization, alleges, it of bias toward China during the coronavirus pandemic.

Donald Trump on Tuesday threatened to reduce the World Health Organisation (WHO) funding from his country. He has accused the WHO of being prejudicial to China during the corona virus epidemic. The US President told reporters that he will now have a ‘strong hold’ on funding to WHO. Significantly, the US is the biggest source of funding for WHO.

He said that we are going to cut the amount spent on WHO. During this time, he expressed his opinion in favour of the agenda of ‘America First’. Trump has earlier criticised various agencies of the United Nations (UN) including WHO. However, in the conversation, he did not give details of how much amount he would stop this health organisation. However, in this press conference, after a minute, he also said, ‘I am not saying that I am going to do this. We are considering ending funding.

According to Trump, the WHO seems to be biased towards China, which is not true. His statement is being linked to the comment made on Twitter, in which he accused the WHO of being too focused on China.

Referring to the advice to stop international travel to prevent the corona virus spreading from China, he asked why WHO made such a good recommendation? Trump, referring to his decision to ban travel from the country, wrote, ‘Luckily I rejected his advice to open my borders with China soon’.

Significantly, China is facing criticism in Washington, especially from Republicans. The way it handled the epidemic and Trump’s scepticism over the accuracy of the deaths due to the corona virus there.

However, Trump has also suffered criticism for initially underestimating the outbreak of Corona. So far, more than 12 thousand people have lost their lives due to COVID-19 in America.

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