Tips for an Ideal Web Design

The main features of all kinds of websites are their content, design and ease of operation. More number of people are attracted towards the sites which have a user-friendly interface and are easy to navigate from one point to the other. The web interface should also be such that it doesn’t overwhelm a visitor with too many components displayed in a scattered manner. It should be simple, yet appealing. 

ideal web design

If your website’s design is complicated and difficult to operate, visitors will face problems, which in turn will be damaging for your business’ reputation. An ideal website is one that has a low bounce rate as well as a good user experience. Make sure that you put all the important information on the home page, so that visitors don’t have to search too much. They have many other options and if the information that they are looking for is not easy to find, they will immediately move on to another website.

In order to build the perfect website, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • The aesthetics and technical details should be in proper balance in the design.
  • The design must not be too complicated. Keep it simple for the visitors to understand easily.
  •  Your website will have the best design if it works smoothly for the audience and they don’t have any trouble in operating it.
  • Visitors should be your top priority. Keep them in mind and add only those elements that make the site valuable for the audience.
  • All the elements should be properly organized to generate leads.

Let’s look at some tips that would help you in getting an ideal web design:

1. Get the navigation to be smooth

Navigation is the primary feature to pay attention to while designing a website. It helps users in going from one web page to another. A well-designed website must have an organized navigation interface, so that it doesn’t confuse the audience. They should be able to find whatever they are looking for, easily.

In order to achieve a good navigation, you should keep three things in mind. First, organize and streamline the content. Keep related content together to make it easy to understand. Second, create a hierarchical navigation. And third, provide a responsive design to the website, so that it can be viewed on all screen sizes and mobile devices. A responsive design will help in keeping the bounce rate low, which will help the site’s rank on Google.

Utilize a lot of white spaces in the design

White space is that part of a web page that looks empty, without any content, images, etc. White spaces on the homepage and other web pages will give your website a perfect design. They prevent the crowding of elements and make the site more readable by breaking up the page. The elements of the website can  be arranged in a better way and the content can also be prioritized easily.

To use a suitable amount of white space, take a second look at the page that you have created and then remove the elements that are not necessary. Secondly, group related content together. This will increase the white spaces as well as help the visitors in finding information.

Optimize the website for mobile devices

80% of Internet users search for websites on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. That is the amount of traffic you will risk losing, if your website is not optimized for such devices. So you will miss out on a huge number of potential customers. 

Ideal Web design

Along with making the site visible to mobile users, it will also keep you updated with the needs of the new generation. It will allow you to take advantage of the huge amount of opportunities that mobile devices bring. Moreover, your website will be absolutely ready for the future, since more and more devices are becoming portable with time.

Utilize SEO elements

Search Engine Optimization is another vital part of building a website. Merely creating and getting a site live is not enough for growing a business. You also need search engines to know your business and rank the website on top. This way, your website will pop up in search results, whenever someone is looking for services and products offered by you. SEO is the only way to get the website to perform well on the Internet. Various Digital Marketing companies provides SEO and SMO Services.

For a good SEO, make sure that the content on the site is relevant to your audience and search engines. Stick to content based on your industry, products and services. Utilize all types of content, such as blogs, images, videos, infographics, etc. Studies have shown that websites with all these contents are more visible for search engines. Make sure to use the most searched keywords in the content. You can also take the help of SEO experts for better optimization.

Make use of social media

Along with people, the social media networks are a boon for businesses as well. They help businesses in sharing their content across the world and increasing the popularity of the brand. So use social share buttons in the website design. This way, visitors will be able to share the content that they find useful, and help in spreading awareness about your company.

Ideal Web Design

Put social sharing buttons on images, or around blogs and videos. Make use of icons of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. to facilitate easy sharing. All this will increase your online visibility to a great extent.

Use Calls-to-Action

Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons tell visitors about the next step that they should take after reaching your website. Using these buttons, you can guide the audience the way you want. However, make sure you don’t take advantage of CTA. Use them to give the visitors beneficial information and to solve their problems. This way, they will be impressed and your website will become more valuable.

You can use CTAs for the following actions:

  • “Click Here for More Information”
  • “Download” a video, sample or e-book
  • “Watch the Video”
  • “Check Prices”
  • “Exciting Offers”

Use quality images

Blurred and bad quality images will degrade the value of a web design. So make sure to use high-quality images. Visitors tend to get frustrated easily if the images aren’t up to the mark. This increases the bounce rate. 

Use images that are of good quality and are relevant to the website. Put them  with details of different products, to give the visitors an idea about what the product looks like.

If you use these Web Designing tips , you will definitely attract better traffic and eventually improve your business and its revenue generation.

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