Lockdown Extension: PM Modi’s Big Announcement, Due to Corona, Lockdown Extended Till May 3

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Tuesday to extend the nationwide lockdown implemented by May 3 to prevent the spread of the corona virus, said the lockdown has had effective results in curbing the infection. The Prime Minister said in a nearly 25-minute address to the nation that strict adherence to the lockdown will be ensured in the second phase and detailed guidelines will be issued on Wednesday to ensure that the virus does not spread to new areas.

In areas where the virus is less likely to spread, some relief can be given after April 20. He told the citizens, ‘Follow the rules of lockdown with full devotion till May 3, stay where you are, be safe.’

PM said, “The fight against Corona Virus will be further increased in the next 7 days. By April 20  every town, police station, district and every state will be tested to see how much lockdown is being followed, how much those areas has protected itself from Corona.

The areas which can achieve success during this ordeal will not be in hotspots, and those which are less likely to be converted into hotspots, may be allowed necessary activities from April 20.”

The number of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases surged past 10,000-mark on Tuesday.

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