Corona Virus Vaccine Trial in The United States

Human trials of corona virus vaccine have been started in the US

Corona Virus Blood Sample

According to news agency AP, the vaccine have been tested on human at the Kaiser PermanentResearch Facility in Seattle, Washington.

This vaccine might not cause Covid 19, but it has a harmless genetic code extracted from the virus.

According to reports, it will take some time to decide whether this vaccine will succeed or not.

Scientists around the worldare working fast to find a vaccine. National Institutes of Health, is funding for the ongoing work on this vaccine. Generally, the first test of any vaccine is done on animals, however this point it’s been directly tested human.

According to a biotechnology company named Moderna Therapeutics, this vaccine has been prepared under a triad and tested process.

Dr. John Trigoning,  An expert on infectious diseases at Imperial College London, said, “The vaccine is made from pre-existing technology. This vaccine is made with very high standards that we believe are safe for humans and we are closely watching the health of the people who are being given this vaccine. “

How the vaccine was prepared

Covid-19 Vaccine

Common vaccines designed for diseases are made to destroyed or weakened the viruses.

But, vaccine called mRNA-1273is created by copying the genetic code of a small part of the virus created in the lab.

It is hoped that this vaccine help a personto generate an immune responseto fight the real virus.

People have been given different doses of the experimental vaccine. But even if the results of these initial security tests are right It will still take 18 months for this vaccine to be available for common people.

Till then, Everyone Please Stay at Home, Be Safe and Don’t Forget To Wash Your Hands.

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