Corona Virus : India gets 6.5 lakh rapid test kits imported from China

After battling with Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic, production has started in several factories of China. Work and production in other countries of the world has come to a standstill. Given this, China desires to supply more and sell additional more goods to the world.

Vikram Misri, The Indian Ambassador to China, said “On Thursday that a total of 6.5 Lacs kits are sent from Guangzhou Airport to India this morning. It also includes Rapid Antibody Tests and RNA Extraction Kits.”

Vikram Misri, The Indian Ambassador to China, said On Thursday that a total of 6.5 Lacs kits are sent from China.

Rapid antibody test will begin within 2 days in India. Dr. Raman, The scientist of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), said that where more cases of corona virus will reported, , there’ll be antibody rapid test. He also made it clear that this test will not know whether a person is infected or not.

Blood tests are performed through rapid test kits to detect antibodies. These kits gives faster testing results. Similar tests are also being done in other countries. Rapid test kit is in demand worldwide.

Coronavirus Rapid Test Kits

This is how the test will be done:

· ICMR has released guidelines for the covid-19 test. It has been told that the result of antibody test will be found in 5 minutes.

· For this test, the presence of antibodies will be checked by taking a blood sample of the person.

· Those who have come in contact with the infected person, their body may have made antibodies against this virus, due to which the antibody will be present in the blood. Such people will be identified.

According to Dr. Raman, if an antibody test negative occurs in a person. Later the RT PCR test also comes negative, but it has symptoms of common cold, cold, fever, cough. In such cases it is more likely that he has had normal flu.

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