Auto Expo:

Auto Expo

Auto Expo is one of the best auto shows in the world:

Auto Expo is one of the best auto shows in the world, that is held every other year in Greater Noida, NCR, India. Known to be Asia’s largest and the world’s second-largest motor show, it is a designated event where the best auto manufacturers come together and display the best cars in the automotive world. These cars are showcased on the basis of their product quality, technologies, concepts, and trends.

The first Auto Expo was held in 1986 and it displayed the absorption of new technologies by the Indian Automotive Industry and their application in the rough conditions of India. Till the year 2012, the Auto Expo was held at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. However, since 2014, it has moved to Greater Noida. The Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Society of Indian Automotive Manufacturers (SIAM) together organize this event.

The Auto Expo 2020, which is currently going on displays how technology is changing the automotive world with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics and Robotics. Today, cars are enhancing the travel experience through shared rides, pleasurable driving, voice commands and much more. This year’s event showcases the following trends in the world of cars:

  • Environment friendliness: Manufacturers are increasingly trying to use green technologies with electric vehicles. These are a great help in the reduction of pollution and the hope for a cleaner environment in the future.
  • Safe driving experience: There are customized applications in the latest cars that perform in-built safety checks. So your vehicles are much safer today and are constructed in a better way using new-age materials.
  • Digital support on the road: Cars are being manufactured with the current as well as innovative technologies with sensors that provide smarter riding experiences.
  • Stylish features: The latest cars come in a wide range of colors and innovative designs so that your style quotient is enhanced with the latest features of the car.
  • Shared rides: Build new friendships by sharing rides and embarking on new journeys.
  • Modification of the automotive world: Watch the world of cars transform with better technologies in motoring and mobility for a brighter future.

Attend the Auto Expo 2020 for:

  1. Latest launches of cars and bikes: The newest models of cars and bikes are revealed for the very first time at the Auto expo. You can be among the first ones to witness the launches firsthand.
  1. Fun family experience: The event is not limited to new cars and launches. You can also take your family to Go-karting and other fun experiences. There are also car art, exciting rides and interactive technologies for a better future.
  1. An amazing hangout space: Plan an awesome outing with your friends and go to the Auto Expo. You will get to interact with technologies such as AR, VR, drones, robotics and much more.
  1. A chance to spot your favorite celebrities: You might also get to spot your all-time celebrity crushes and even interact with them if you’re lucky enough. From movie stars to sports icons, everyone visits this event.
  1. Delicious food: You will also get to taste flavourful cuisines from various parts of the country and fulfill your appetite.
  1. Sale of branded merchandise from Auto Expo: Shop for different clothes, accessories, bags, mugs, and many more branded items at the event. Take the experience home along with amazing merchandise that will become your prized possessions.

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