7 Best and Advanced WordPress plugins that you need!

wordpress plugins

There are lots of plugins out there and as a marketer, it is difficult what to choose from these many plugins.
Some of them are not supportable and some of them are heavy. So here we are going to discuss the plugins that you need to derive more traffic to your website.
So, Hey guys today we are going to tell you the 7 of advanced plugins that will benefit your website.

1 PLUGIN – Calculated Fields form

It is one of the easiest plugins to make the tools. It is used to develop tools like ubbersuggest, Moz to track visitors backlinks or keywords. Because people love to use free tools weather they are keyword research, mortgage calculators, Financial Calculators, etc. all this stuff helps to build you well.

2 PLUGIN- Title Experiments

This plugin allows you to test different Click through rates of different title variations of your content. 8
out of 10 people will read your headline but only 2 of them are going to read. So it’s all about your headline. The more interesting the headline you have, the more curious the headline you have the more visitors are going to click your website. So before posting just make at least 5 headlines for the content you are going to publish. Because the more clicks you get the more rankings you can get.

3 PLUGIN- Gravity Forms

Everybody wants qualified leads for your business right!! .So it is a kind of multi-step form which can increase the chances of conversions usually by 10+%. Gravity forms allow you to create multi-step
forms like quizzes, polls, and surveys which are super effective.


This plugin allows you to check that the Emails you are sending are hitting people’s inboxes or not. If you are selling products to your website, you will definitely send e-mails and you will make sure that the email would hit in the primary or promotion section of the email. If you don’t use this you are not able to make your emails not to enter in the spam box. You are using a limit of emails per 24 hrs you have to make sure that they will hit into there inboxes.


Basically this plugin is everything you need if you have a WordPress website. It will provide you the things that you need whether it is schema markup, title tags, meta tags, H1 tags, etc. and it will also create the sitemap that you submit to Google. It will provide you the setup to do SEO of your blogs and content step by step to do it perfectly.

PLUGIN 6 – Broken Link Checker

This plugin helps you to check all the broken links and images that are on your website. It prevents
the search engine to follow that broken links. So, I recommend you that use this plugin and fix that broken links which will provide better user experience and definitely help you with your google rankings.


This plugin allows you to organize giveaways to your website. Basically, if you do different types of giveaways it will be more engaging. And It will grow your social media as people take participation in that and increase your social activities day by day.

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